The Kwame Nkrumah Learning Center was conceived by three friends, K. Osafo-Gyimah, Rodney Batts and Agnes B Osafo-Gyimah who, realizing the importance of mathematics, science and technology for national development, are extremely concerned about the level of maths and science in African countries. The primary objective of the center is educational.
The goals of the center are to provide a single site where,

Cyberspace is saturated with many learning sites some of which are free and others not. Searching through these sites to identify those which are freely available to anyone , and, more importantly, those which have simplified the learning of maths and science to the point where anyone can learn without any guidance, is a daunting task.
We were motivated by the likes of Salman Khan and his team as well as a host of extremely decent and selfless individuals and institutions who have made it their business to devote their lives and programs to assist others in the learning process, completely free of charge.
As pointed out elsewhere on the site , the center is named after Dr Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of Ghana and the flag bearer of African independence , who shared our view that the road to national development lies, among other things, in education, especially in the study of maths, science and technology, areas where Africa is woefully deficient.
It is our hope that students, teachers and trainers from African countries will access and make maximum use of the site. We are painfully aware that the people for whom the site is primarily designed are handicapped in their access to broadband internet connections, but we are hopeful that, with time , policymakers in African countries will come to appreciate the importance of science and maths education and exercise good judgement in promoting policies that will facilitate the use of ICT in teaching and learning, especially with regard to science and mathematics.

We are aware, however, that some individuals and organizations are also working hard to promote education, especially science and maths in Africa through the use of modern technology, a development which is likely to remove this handicap. Sites which come immediately to mind are http://evcoafrica.org/welcome , http://www.cybersmartafrica.org/ and http://www.worldpossible.org/index.php all of which are featured on our Inspiration Corner page. We hope to develop collaborative links with these bodies at some future time.


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