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The need for computer literacy page is to assist visitors who are not very familiar with the use of computers since the website presumes knowledge of various aspects of computer use. The sites selected are basically for beginners but will also be useful for intermediate users. You are urged to browse through all the four sites to see which site serves your needs. This site provides free web-based career and computer training for beginners. As a member (free membership) you have access to free self-paced or instructor-led classes. It has a wide range of courses including computer basics, internet basics, Microsoft office and, in fact, high school level maths. Once on the site click on All Courses to browse the entire range of courses. This site is mainly for people who are already familiar with use of computers The Categories and Get Computer Help tabs are especially useful. There is nothing more frustrating than when your computer breaks down while in use and you have no clue how to fix it. The site does a good job on how to handle Windows and other operating systems. The site is a virtual gold mine for the ardent computer learner.

Computer Class This site deals with very basic computer skills and is especially recommended for those just starting with computers. It covers computer, email, word processing, and web skills. These major sections have several subsections as well as questions to test your understanding of what you have learnt. This site is meant for both beginners, intermediate and advanced users. When you go to the sight, you’ll see the lessons on the right hand side navigation panel. For beginners, click on the Basics to see the topics covered. The topics you see are different from those listed on the site above and they complement one another. The site explains most of the concepts anybody new, and not-so-new, to computers would want to know, in order not to look a fool in the presence of computer geeks.


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