The Scientific Method


The starting point in navigating your way through the website depends on a number of factors, namely,

In what category of the target audience you fall ie whether you are a student, teacher, adult learner or a parent/trainer and in what level of the educational ladder you fall

Your level of computer literacy ie whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced computer literate

The level of your study/ learning skills

What subject area you are most interested in

It is recommended that all visitors take a quick look at the About page to see in what category of the target audience they fall. Then, depending upon their level of education, they can decide which pages to look next.

Major contents of the learning_skills and computer_literacy pages are also recommended to be read before one plunges into the other pages. This will save learners a great deal of time when they start the actual business of learning. After quickly browsing though these pages you can then take a quick tour of all the pages including those on the left hand side navigation panel. You can then decide how you are going to organize your learning. Each page explains how to use the page.



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