"Not ignorance, but ignorance of ignorance, is the death of knowledge". Alfred Whitehead

This part of the website is directed not only at students who must master various subjects and courses within a given time frame and be tested on what they have learnt through formal and informal examinations and quizzes etc, but also at adult learners who need to understand what they have learnt. Several problems impede effective learning including the following:


The Learning Tree This site tackles the problem of learning in a very comprehensive manner. The guides cover a great deal of topics, raise and answer a lot of questions too. It also offers a comprehensive range of methods including games and exercises for acquiring effective learning skills. On the navigation panel on the left hand side of this page ( there are links to ‘Study Strategy Series” and “Services Quick Pics” which are especially useful. The guide is translated into 39 languages including French, Spanish and Portuguese-languages spoken in most African countries. Just take several hours to explore the site and it will save you a great deal of time and effort in future.

This is another good site for learning how to learn.Click on the Home page tab to access links to very useful topics covered. The uniqueness of this site lies in the fact that there is a section, "How to Write and How to Study-By Subject", which has links to 29 subject areas, including Math and the sciences. Scroll the Home page down to access this section. This site is specifically meant for students of Virginia Tech but visitors are not prohibited from using the resources available here.It covers topics that are of interest to college students. There is Online Study Skills Workshop on the following topics:
Time Management Strategies for Improving Academic Performance
Seven Strategies for Improving Test Performance
Strategies for Improving Concentration and Memory.

Besides these workshops there are a lot of useful links to other topics. Click here



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