The African Leadership AcademyLECTURES AND WORKSHOPS

In addition to managing and constantly updating this website, we also organize lectures and workshops, initially , for math and science teachers at the primary and secondary school levels to see how best science and maths teaching and standards can be substantially improved at these levels. These lectures and workshops are not meant to teach teachers how to teach these subjects, which would be rather presumptious. They are meant to provoke discussions among teachers on the best way to promote the understanding of mathematical concepts and achieve results.

The emphasis on primary and secondary school teachers is based on the observation that it is at these levels where potential mathematicians and scientists are made or destroyed. We all know from our own experiences how bad teachers drive good students away from maths, in particular, and how good teachers inspire even weak students to get the best out of them.

We intend to draw maths and science educators from the university level as resource persons and eventually involve students as well so we can expose and address the other side of the problem. The results of these lectures and workshops will be featured on this page of the website.



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