"The object of education is to teach us love of beauty" Plato 427-347 BC

Here you will find links to sites offering free courses not only in science and mathematics but also in a wide range of subjects. We direct you to a site where summaries to a good number of learning sites can be found. The site is http://khatarnakchokra.tripod.com/learnfree.htm Some of the sites mentioned here have already appeared on other pages of the KNLC.

We wish to emphasize the following sites, some of whose summaries appear here.
http://www.Howstuffworks.com As its name implies, this site explains how things are done in a wide range of fields. It is a great site for learning.

Computer Class in Africahttp://www.free-ed.net This site has a range of courses listed under general headings of colleges, eg College of Science, College of Mathematics etc. When you are at the home page, click on the Directory of Courses tab or The List of Courses link and scroll down to access the colleges or search for a course using keywords.

http://www.free.ed.gov Features free learning resources from US Federal agencies. Once on the home page, click on the Subject Map link on the left hand side navigation panel under Home to access subjects covered. Look at the Science and Maths sections in particular.

http://school.discoveryeducation.com/schrockguide/ You can access a lot of interesting links to maths. science and technology, and internet info by clicking these links in the first column titled SUBJECT ACCESS


http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/evolution/educators This site features teaching of evolution. Adult learners who have very little brush with the concepts of evolution will do well to educate themselves here.

http://www.learnerstv.com A very comprehensive site that provides a lot of DOWNLOADABLE video and audio lectures in a very wide range of fields including maths , science engineering, law etc. The videos include online tests and science animations. Avery useful learning site.


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