"science knows no country because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the touch which illuminates the world." Louis Pasteur.

The Science page is also one of the core pages of the KNLC. The sites featured here will be mainly pre university science courses. For university-level courses, visitors are referred to the OPEN COURSEWARE and OTHER LEARNING SITES pages in this website. We have also taken the liberty of featuring a site where the scientific method and major evolutionary concepts, our pet interests, are treated. The Science section of this site deals with biology, physics , chemistry and organic chemistry as well as computer science, cosmology and astronomy. As indicated under this site in the MATHEMATICS page, before using the site, visitors are advised to go here to read on how the site is organized and how the target population-teachers, coaches, parents, adult learners and school administrators-can use the site. Note that you also need to have a Google account to take full advantage of all the facilities available on the site. This site has hundreds of science and engineering resources and step-by-step science fair project guide. It is highly project-oriented and extremely useful site for secondary school students. When at the site click the home page and the 3 links on the left hand side navigation panel-Find a Project Idea, Get Project Help and View More Resources. To access the scientific method, click on the Project Guide tab, and under Science Fair click on the Scientific method link. It is a very good site for school science projects. Avery good science site for curious children and adults interested in understanding the scientific basis of everyday things around them. When on the site click on the left hand side navigation panel and explore all the links there. Of particular interest is the Science News link which features science in the news for various years from 1996 to 2000. Although this section needs updating, it is very useful as it is.



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