"Plants are shaped by cultivation and men by education. " Rousseau 1712-1778

In this page, we feature articles and sites that deal with teaching of maths , especially at the pre-college levels. The emphasis on these levels arises from our observation, already expressed elsewhere on this site, that it is at these levels where effective teaching can help in promoting the understanding of basic concepts and hence generating interest in maths at the higher levels.

It is highly recommended that teachers of maths at these lower educational levels take this page very seriously and visit the page from time to time to evaluate their teaching methods and strategies and also keep abreast with current research in these areas. - Here the teaching resources have been organized according to grade levels from K to 12. The site also features science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) RESOURCES. Click here to access the STEM Education Resource Center.

Another Great Teachers Placards The site provides an extensive collection of resources, math games and hands-on math activities for grade levels K to 5 pupils. Once on the site you can see the resources for the various levels on the left hand side navigation panel. Ths site features maths levels from basic maths to advanced college maths.At the home page, click the Teacher and Parent links above the horizontal navigation bar to access resources for maths teachers and what parents can do to help their wards grasp basic maths concepts. This site contains very good resources for teaching maths at all levels. - Cathy Schrock's Guide For Educators This guide contains an extensive collection of educational resources for a number of subjects including maths, science and technology, and internet info which are of interest to us.These three links which can be accessed from the first column,SUBJECT ACCESS, lead to other links relevant to our three core pages.You can access the teacher resources from the third column, TEACHER HELPERS, on the home page.


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